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Our automotive, aerospace, chemical, life sciences and manufacturing clients around the world are continuously looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to deliver your capital investments, achieve operational cost savings and create business continuity.


We aim to be a valuable sustainability partner to help achieve certainty of outcome by our design, engineering, project and construction management delivery around capital projects in the asset classes of Corporate Real Estate, Research & Development, Laboratories, Distribution/Retail and Manufacturing. We are also the go to digital design & engineering partner to help achieve operational cost saving and create business continuity to get and keep our clients Environmental (HSE) compliant in the most sustainable, digital and resilient way.


In the Automotive Sector, we act as a global and local partner for all leading car manufacturers.


The Aerospace sector primarily services private manufacturers of civil or military aerospace and defense aircraft, equipment, parts, and products.


In the Chemical sector we focus on a broad range of clients in the chemicals industry ranging from: fine & specialty chemicals, base chemicals, Petrochemicals and Chemical Distributors.

Life Sciences


Life Sciences brings together various key clients in the health, beauty, and wellness industries.


The Manufacturing sector works with clients that generate products from raw materials using labor, tools, and machinery.


Martijn Karrenbeld

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Global Director Private Sector Industries / Manufacturing

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