New and existing challenges are reshaping utility management and the water sector. Utilities are striving to proactively enhance operations, maximize capital and improve sustainability. Success starts with the fit-for-future fundamentals: innovation, resilience, Intelligent Water, asset management and the workforce.

Use our experts’ research, insights and project stories to dive into the five fundamentals. Examine the keys to each element and the ways you can use them to strengthen your utility’s long-term outlook.

Report | June 2019

Featured Insights

Demystifying Intelligent Water


Intelligent Water can help your organization reimagine its future. Our insight series, developed with Bluefield research, can accelerate the journey.

case studies

Partnering with communities and organizations around the world to improve quality of life.

More on Fit-for-Future Utilities

Digital Twins

Digital Twins are an Intelligent Water tool for exploring optimization. Discover what they are and how they can help your utility realize its full potential.


Arcadis, City of Columbus to reduce sewage overflow with innovative modeling approach

Project will provide city with ability to quickly see where the greatest need occurs, prioritize investments and ultimately reduce overflows.

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WEF's "Words on Water" with Jim Cooper

Jim explains the concept of collective intelligence and how a digital future can empower water sector employees, not replace them.

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Affordability through advanced asset management

Angela Goodwin details how smart technologies can deliver data-driven insights that lead to cost savings potential for utilities and their customers.

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'Intelligent water' could save U.S water utilities $17.6 billion, by water Finance & Management

WFM recaps the financial benefits outlined in Demystifying Intelligent Water: Creating a human-centric future with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

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