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The COVID-19 pandemic has unexpectedly transformed the world as we know it. The impact on governments, cities and businesses is unlike any in recent history and navigating through it is a challenge for everyone. We are dedicated to serving our clients amid this difficult time – from helping with immediate needs around mitigating the impact on people and business to providing insight and aiding recovery efforts.

Post-Pandemic Resilience

Our expects explore the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare, utilities, business and cities, while offering specific advice on enhancing resilience.

Implications for cities, governments or individuals

Public Transport and the social distancing puzzle

Over the last years, the global awareness around climate change has seen a rapid increase. No longer confirmed to scientific research papers and conferences,...


How COVID-19 can accelerate the evolution of digital connectivity

When historians explain how the internet and broadband connectivity changed humanity, in all likelihood, the current pandemic will be seen as an important...


7 items you should document to prepare for COVID-19 delay claims

Everyone in construction are asking the same questions right now: What will be the magnitude of delay impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic? And how will...


Implications for Business and Industry

The future of the CBD - know your options

Central business districts (CBDs) represent millions of square metres of prime-value city assets. They are also on the frontline of a changing outlook...


The next normal: Kickstarting industry after COVID-19 shutdowns

Restarting operations after COVID-19 will be much more complex than lifting quarantines. Matt DeMarco reached out to some From Industry, for Industry members to discuss challenges your organization might face soon.


Safety without sacrifice: getting boots on the ground, remotely

How can teams delivering vital construction and infrastructure projects maintain continuity and navigate the restrictions designed to protect their health...


Distance learning enhances training speed, convenience and engagement

With COVID-19 keeping most of the country’s workforce at home, more companies are turning to distance learning. But its benefits carry over to healthier...


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