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The challenge

47 million miles across 32 London boroughs - mileage that could take you halfway to the sun. That’s how far the Metropolitan Police Service travels every year. But with transport responsible for around 23% of energy-related carbon dioxide globally, the resulting vehicle emissions were giving significant cause for concern. The Mayor of London had already set an ambitious target: to be one of the leading zero-emission cities in the world. And that means 100% electric vehicles by 2030. With a fleet of nearly 5,000 vehicles, the Metropolitan Police Service needed to meet the challenge head on and create an infrastructure strategy to make the transition.

The solution

Working with the Metropolitan Police, we helped to visualise the potential benefits of fleet electrification. Drawing on several different sources of data, ranging from property databases to fleet data, power capacity, parking spaces and user behaviour, we determined several future scenarios and associated costs. This helped to lay the foundations for an Electric Vehicle business case, and associated roadmap.



    We also helped the Met Police when it came to installing the charging infrastructure for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles across the entire Metropolitan Police Estate. This included the roll-out of both slow and fast chargers at operational police stations, with Arcadis providing design and project management support.

The impact

Reason for Londoners to breathe easier

Transitioning just 800 vehicles to ultra-low emission vehicles will result in a 9% reduction in CO2 emissions across the Met’s entire 5,000-strong fleet. Over 10 years, this could potentially result in cost savings of £5m in fuel alone. In a city struggling to clean up its air pollution, these are promising figures. Ones that will set the course for London's police force to not only fight crime, but also costly fuel bills and harmful levels of air pollution.

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